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Help & FAQ
Firefox and Chrome logosClaja is best viewed using Firefox, Chrome and most modern smartphones. For smaller devices try Claja Mobile.

Do I have to sign up to post an ad?

Yes. It's free and takes about 2 minutes. All you need is an email address. Sign Up →

Do I have to pay to post an ad?

No. All regular listings/posts are free, this includes posting and replying to a listing.

*Featured and Extended ads are priced according to terms and package features. Pricing →

How do I post an ad?

Posting is easy, simply follow the steps below:
1. Click "Post Ad" from the left menu, or at the top left of all pages.
2. Choose a category and sub-category.
3. Enter a title, price (if applicable), and description. You have the option of uploading your photos and/or videos and entering your address.
4. Then the security code and click the "Post Your Ad" button.

What if I can't find my verification email?

1. Check your junk/spam folder. (ie. hotmail, aol, aim)
2. Add support[@] to your email contacts

What if I forgot my login info or it doesn't work?

Use the Password Reset Form and have a new one sent to you via email. Also, make sure you have Cookies & JavaScript turned on in your browser and are accepting them from our site.

How to enable Cookies & JavaScript on a Mobile device?
How to enable Cookies & JavaScript on a PC?

If you continue to have problems, try clearing your browser Cache.

What are the posting rules?

1. No Duplicate Listings
We only allow one ad for a particular listing. Please do not post the same listing more than once either in the same category/location or across multiple categories/locations. Any duplicate listings will be removed.

How to post a Weekly, Monthly or Recurring Event?

2. No Bumping or Rincing
When a listing is posted on Claja, we manually share and post links throughout the web including major Social Networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. By Deleting a listing then reposting it; you break these links and hinder your exposure. The longer a listing is public on our site, the better it will perform in social media and search.

3. Post in the correct Category
Post in the correct category, it helps with search and ensures that your listing reaches the correct audience.

4. No links to other classified/ property/ dating/ job websites
Please do not put a link in your posting to an ad on another advertising, marketing or promotion website without direct consent.
We reserve the right to remove/edit any postings that we feel are not relevant, or of value to the our community, with or without notice.

For more info please read our Terms →

How to add images and videos to my listing?

1. Images
When you are on the "Post Ad" or "Edit Ad" page, click the "Browse..." button which appears under the Images heading. Select a picture file from your computer's hard disk and click "OK". The picture will then be uploaded and attached to your Ad. You can add up to 8 pictures simultaneously!
2. Videos
When you are on the "Post Ad" or "Edit Ad" page, enter the YouTube URL of your video. The video will then appear automatically in your ad. Remember a video is worth ten thousand words!

How can I Edit, Re-new or Delete a listing?

Listings can be managed from within your Dashboard. You can Edited, Renew or Delete each listing individually.

How long do listings last on the site?

Regular listings are automatically marked as expired after 90-days and Events after 120-days.

Renewals are free and listings can be renewed 7 days prior to expiration, and up to 2-years after expiration. You will be notified by email when listings are ready for renewal.

I have been a victim of a scam/ I suspect a scam what should I do?

Report it to us so that we can take appropriate action. If you have been a victim of a scam we also encourage you to report it to the Police.

What if I see a listing that I think is spam, offensive or illegal?

If you see an ad which you think is illegal, prohibited or otherwise a bad fit for the site, please report it by clicking one of the "Reporting Abuse" links or Contact Us →

How to post a Weekly, Monthly or Recurring Event?

Post one Event listing ONLY and edit THAT listing prior to the next date of the event.

For example, if an event occurs every Friday; best practice is to edit the event on the following day, the Saturday after.